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Wear-resistant steel plate cutting method

Wear-resistant steel plate cutting method

Wear-resistant steel plate flame cutting: As long as the operation is correct and equipped with suitable cutting tools, flame-cut, plasma arc cutting or laser cutting methods can be used to cut the wear-resistant steel.

Different types of cutting tools produced by different manufacturers must pay attention to the requirements listed by the manufacturer in the cutting table (selection of nozzle, gas pressure, cutting method, speed, etc.).

The surface condition of the steel plate also has a significant effect on the flame cutting condition and the quality of the cut surface. If the quality of the cut surface is very high, it is necessary to remove oxide scale, rust stains, paint and other impurities from the cut area of the workpiece.

Low-speed cutting of wear-resistant steel plates: Another way to avoid cutting cracks is to reduce the cutting speed. If full-page preheating is not possible, a partial preheating method can be used instead. The use of low speed cutting methods to prevent cutting cracks is not as reliable as preheating. We recommend pre-heating the cutting belt with a few flames of the flame gun before cutting. The preheating temperature is about 100 °C. Its large cutting speed depends on the grade and thickness of the steel plate.

Special note: The combination of preheating and low speed flame cutting methods, Changzhou nm400 wear plate can further reduce the occurrence of cutting cracks.

Slow cooling requirements after cutting: Whether it is not preheated or not, the slow cooling after cutting the steel plate will effectively reduce the risk of cutting cracks. If it is piled up after being cut, it will be covered with a heat-insulating blanket, and it can also achieve slow cooling. Slow cooling requires cooling to room temperature.

Heating requirements after cutting: For the cutting of wear-resistant steel plates, heating immediately after cutting (low temperature tempering) is also an effective method and measure to prevent cutting cracks. The thickness of the steel plate is reduced by low temperature tempering, which can effectively eliminate the cutting participation stress (low temperature tempering process; holding time 5 min / mm)

For the method of heating after cutting, the heating after cutting is also performed by a heating method of a combustion gun, an electronic heating blanket, and a heating furnace.

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