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Innovation points of high chromium cast iron composite wear resistance

Innovation points of high chromium cast iron composite wear resistance:

1. The high chromium cast iron composite wear-resistant products broke through the traditional wear-resisting material in the material, hardness and toughness of incompatible defects in design, introduced the concept of functionally graded, realized the high chromium cast iron and steel substrate effective metallurgical combination, solved the high hardness of high chromium cast iron and high toughness of the steel substrate, a number of technical problems in the process of composite, got a can simultaneously obtain high hardness and high toughness metal composite wear-resistant materials.

2. This product is mainly used in mining, metallurgy, electric power, cement, sugar making, brick making, road engineering and other industries to resist wear and reduce metal loss.

3. This product adopts the composite material production process of composite + integral structure adjustment in the high temperature furnace, which can achieve the optimization of the overall performance of the material more than the traditional welding and casting processes. The composite material basically has no dilution layer, and the interface shear strength is up to 300MPa.

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