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Characteristics and properties of composite wear-resistant plate

Characteristics and properties of composite wear-resistant plate

1. The material

Wear layer: high chromium cast iron ASTM A532 15/3crmo, high wear resistant material

Substrate layer: low carbon steel, weldable, can absorb impact energy

2. The two materials are compounded together by means of vacuum welding, which solves the contradiction between the weldability and wear resistance of a single material that is difficult to be adjusted, and has good anti-erosion and anti-impact performance under pressure.

3. Performance characteristics:

3.1 good comprehensive performance

This kind of composite lining board using ordinary low carbon steel as substrate, wear-resisting layer using high chromium wear-resistant alloys, two kinds of materials combined to form a better solve the single material difficult to blend the weldability and wear resistance of contradiction, both played a high chrome wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, and retain the inherent in ordinary steel pipe mechanical properties, good erosion wear resistance and pressure shock ability;


3.2 high wear resistance

The wear-resistant layer is made of high chromium alloy, with a macroscopic hardness up to HRC55 and above. The microstructure contains a large amount of M7C3 hard carbide, and its microhardness is hv1500-1800, thus showing excellent wear resistance of the abrasive.

3.3 corrosion resistance

There are a large number of Cr elements in the solid solution of high chromium alloy, which improves the resistance to high temperature oxidation and the electrode potential of the matrix, and has good corrosion resistance to acid and alkali.

3.4 overall compound, reasonable structure

The wear-resistant layer realizes the integral compound, the surface of the casting is smooth, reduces the wear resistance, and the material is not easy to deposit and block.

3.5 convenient transportation, installation and use

It can be connected and installed by various means such as screw and welding, which does not affect the performance of the product, and can also withstand appropriate percussion, hammering and collision without special packaging for transportation.

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