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Nihard wear liners

Brand : Hyster

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5 days

Supply capacity : 200 tons per month

Hyster Nickel-Chromium Nihard wear liners

1. Sizes and Shapes can be made on request.

2. Liners can be cut to size on request.

3. Bolts/Nuts/Washers are available on request.

Ni-Hard 4 is a Nickel-Chromium white cast ironwhich provides consistent wear life in a variety ofapplications including,Chute, Hopper, slurry pumps, mill liners, pipefittings, wear backs, log teeth, pulverizer parts andother wear resistant castings.

Over fifty years of usein industrial applications has proven this alloy to bea cost effective solution to many wear problems.By virtue of its alloy content, Ni-Hard in the moldcooledcondition possesses a matrix structure thatis akin to heat treated white iron. It also containsa multitude of refined carbides which make animportant contribution to its abrasion resistance. Thehigh chromium level and near eutectic compositionof Ni-Hard 4 results in very hard, discontinuouscarbides of the (Cr,Fe)7C3 type with the advantageof a lower carbon, extremely tough, High-Nickelmartensite matrix.


Mainly used for abrasive resistant and wear resistant applications in the following industries:

● Mining, Quarrying

● Earth Handling

● Asphalt

● Manufacturing Industries

● And many, many others

Ni-Hard parts and components extend the life of products when compared to other cast iron or mild steel cast components.

Ni-Hard castings are typically used in power generation, brick, asphalt, cement, concrete, rock, sand and gravel industries. Typical castings are mill or mixer liners, mixer tips.

Ni-Hard ASTM A532 Type 1, Type 2 and Type 4 are all available!





Item No. Type SizeDimension(mm) N.W.
(mm) (kg) 
NW 20011300x300x20 30030020741527415213.8
NW 20022300x300x20 30030020741527415212.8
NW 20031300x200x20 30020020741521009.2
NW 20041300x150x20 3001502074152756.9
NW 20051300x100x20 3001002074152504.5
NW 20061200x100x20 2001002062.575503
NW 32011300x150x32 30015032741527411
NW 32021300x200x32 300200327415210014.8
NW 32031300x300x32 30030032741527415222
NW 32042300x300x32 30030032741527415219.6
NW 32051300x100x32 3001003274152507.2
NW 32061200x100x32 2001003262.575504.7

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