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Choc blocks

Brand : Hyster, Domite

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5 days

Supply capacity : 100 tons per month

Choc block, Chok block – bars are unique block products that can be formed and welded onto flat or curved surfaces. This allows Chokblocks to be used on a range of fixed plant and mobile equipment such as buckets and chute liners.


The advantages of using Hyster's range of block products:

Longer wear life: Hyster's block products will greatly outlast Q&T steel.

Reduced downtime: Hyster’s block products improve equipment life and require less maintenance and inspections.

Easy to fit: No special qualifications required to weld. As an alternative to welding, studs can be attached on request.

Flexibility: Hyster can supply block products for attachment in the field as required, or they can be pre-attached to equipment.

Adaptability: Hyster’s block products are available in a wide range of dimensions and can be adapted to suit a wide range of operating conditions.

Below is Hyster's standard chok blocks:

Hyster Item No. SizeDimension(mm) N.W.
(mm) (kg) 
CB 25 240x25x23 2402515230.9
CB 40 240x40x23 2404015231.5
CB 50 240x50x23 2405015231.9
CB 65 240x65x23 2406515232.5
CB 80 240x80x23 2408015233.2
CB 90 240x90x23 2409015233.5
CB 100 240x100x23 24010015233.9
CB 130 240x130x23 24013015235.4
CB 150 240x150x23 24015015236

Hyster Tech is a leading manufacturer of wear resistant products for the mining, construction and resource processing industries. With over 22 years experience, Hyster has distinguished itself as a provider of quality products that meet customer requirements.

Hyster's white iron block products are chromium-molybdenum rich, abrasion resistant, white iron castings that is metallurgically bonded to weldable mild steel backing plate. Hyster's range of block products include:

● Wear block               Microledge

● Wear button             Wear trap

● Choc block               Skid block

● Grizzlybar                 Rockbox Liners

● Shredder hammer tips & Knife edges

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