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Bucket wear protection parts

Brand : Hyster, Domite

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5 days

Supply capacity : 100 tons per month

Hyster offer our clients a wide range of wear products and professional wear solutions. We also welcome custom made one off's and consumables.

Wear Packages & Wear parts mainly for:

Heavy duty buckets

Excavator and shovel buckets

all earth moving machinery

Some of our products and services:

--Wear plates, wear liners

--Chocky bars and wear buttons

--Wear blocks, wear bars

--Custom made wear liners

--Bucket repair and protection

--Full Fabrication services

--Sugar mill hammer tips

--Drilling, milling or machining

--Casting/Investment casting

--Fast service and timely delivery

Following are three kinds of wear materials we produce:

The first is our laminated wear blocks:

Laminated wear blocks---the most common types are:

1) Chocky bars (CB 25. CB40, CB50, CB65, CB80, CB90, CB100, CB130. CB150)

2) Standard wear bars (DLP201A, DLP 125, DLP184, DLP528, DLP619, DLP451, DLP450, DLP2230, DLP2017, DLP4, DLP919, DLP1191, DLP515, DLP200, DLP271, DLP270, DLP508, DLP115, DLP337, DLP1101, DLP343 )

3) Shaped wear bars

4) Wear buttons& donuts(WB60, WB75, WB90, WB110, WB115, WB150, DLP1920, DLP1921, DLP1994, DLP2196)

5) Shredder/Grinder hammer tips (DLP1654,90X90X50mm; DLP653,90X90X45mm; DLP1927, 90X90X55mm)

6) Bi-metallic wear plates

7) Knife edges(DLP1065-22, 203X22X50MM; DLP1265-22,305X22X50MM; DLP1065A-16, 203x16x50mm, DLP1065A-25, 203x25x62mm; DLP1265A-25, 305x25x56mm)

8) Skid bars, skid blocks(DLP412, 250x150x45mm; DLP413, 200x150x45mm; DLP414, 250x250x45mm)

9) Wafer strips, WS25, WS40, WS50, WS65;

10) Elbow wear blocks

11) Other sizes and shapes

12) Multi-function gradient cutter tooth

13) Rockbox liners

14) Micro-ledges

The second is our Chromium carbide Overlay wear plates: standard sheet size 1500x3000mm, thickness 4+4(8mm), 6+4(10mm), 6+6(12mm), 8+5(13mm), 8+6(14mm), 10+5(15mm), 10+10(20mm), 12+12(24mm), 12+17(29mm).

The third is our Ni-hard wear liners, Nihard wear billets. The material is mainly Ni-hard 4.


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