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  • Bucket teeth hard surfacing

Bucket teeth hard surfacing

Brand : Hyster

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5 days

Supply capacity : 160 tons per month

Bucket teeth hard surfacing

Usually, Hyster will do hard surfacing on the teeth portion, where it encounter the most abrasion.Thus the bucket teeth's usage life can be at least 2-3 times longer than those do not hard surfaced.

Hyster developed HS 63HRC is mixed withalloy powder with a high density of primary chromium carbides in an iron matrixand non-metallic powders. It is the best cost-effective choice for high wearapplication compared to Tungsten carbide. Abrasion resistance is very high,with moderate impact resistance, hardness could achieve to 63-65HRC.


Hardness HRC123456Average 
Position 1 60.56161.562.5626061.25
Position 2 646263.5646363.563.33
Position 3 656464.563.5656464.17

Typical Applications

● Grouser bar hard surfacing

● Bucket teeth hard surfacing

● Heel shroud hard surfacing

● Shredder hammer hard surfacing

● Wear plate hard surfacing

● Crusher blade hard surfacing

● Dredger hard surfacing

● Break shovel hard surfacing

● Cutter tip hard surfacing

FAQ. What is the longest service life that products with HS 63hard surfacing?

A. This is a hard question to answerbecause there are so many variables, especially in hardfacing cutting edges, blades and partsexposed to wear from abrasion, impact, erosion, etc. Generally, anincrease in wear life of 4 to 5 times can be expected for parts that arenot hardfaced. Wear parts that are currently beinghardfaced can expect a 2 to 4times improvement in wear life.

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