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Recommended Welding Procedures for Hyster-Wear Blocks/ Wear Plates

HYSTER recommends you always use a soft-face hammer and ANSI-approved (Z87.1) eye protection during cutting and bending procedures.

1. Ensure that the surface to which the Hyster-wear Blocks will be attached to is as flat as

possible and the area to be welded is clean.

2. Clamp and tack weld Hyster-wear Blocks into position.

3. Stitch weld, laying 50mm max length on each run, alternating ends or sides to minimize heat

penetration. Do NOT deposit weld within 2mm from the joint between alloy and steel backing


4. DO NOT WELD CONTINUOUSLY-Continuous welding may cause warpage, delaminating

and cracking. Use thermal crayons to check temperature. Maximum allowed 200℃.

5. If a complete peripheral weld is required, use stitch weld method.

6. WELDING RODS- Hyster recommends low hydrogen weld rods or gas covered cored wire

       Gas shielded solid MIG wire – 1.2mm diameter max

       Flux cored wire -1.6mm diameter max to ASTM/AWS

                                 A5.18 classification ER705-6

       Low hydrogen electrode -3.25mm diameter max to ASTM/AWS

                                               A5.1 classification E7016-1H8 or E7018-1H4


1. Read procedures completely

2. Tack weld into position

3. Stitch weld with max. length (50mm) each run

4. Maintain 2mm gap between weld and joint line

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