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27 chrome alloy

Brand : Hyster

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 5 days

Supply capacity : 150 tons per month


---27 chrome alloy

27 chrome alloy is a high alloy martensitic white iron with an excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance.Section thicknesses of up to 8 inches can be fully air hardened. The alloy can be annealed, machinedand hardened for use in machined abrasion resistant parts. Abrasion resistance is excellent underconditions of high stress abrasion (grinding), low stress abrasion (scratching), gouging abrasion, slurryerosion and corrosion/erosion. Although it is significantly tougher than low alloy pearlitic white irons, 27 chrome alloy is not suitable for applications with severe impact. 27 chrome alloy’s superior wear resistance is due primarily toa high volume fraction of very hard, well-dispersed primary and secondary carbides in a matrix ofmartensite. The high chromium content provides good resistance in corrosive environments and goodoxidation resistance.


Abrasive and corrosive slurries, briquetting press segments, ball and rod mill liners, sand and dredgepump parts, clay working machine parts, pulverizer impactor and blow bars, tires and grinding rings forroller mill pulverizers, wear plates, chutes and liners, shot blast impeller blades.


The high corrosion resistance of 27 chrome alloy makes it ideal for use in corrosive and abrasive slurries, wherethe combined effects of corrosion/erosion render low alloy white irons unsuitable. Significant increases inlife have been observed in environments of nitric and phosphoric acid slurries.


Toughness of 27 chrome alloy is better than low alloy pearlitic white iron, however it is not suitable for applicationswith severe high speed impact, such as hammers. For applications where moderate impact is a concern,alloy 15/3CrMo B with lower carbon content provides improved toughness with only a minimal loss of hardness,although corrosion resistance is reduced.


Welding of 27 chrome alloy is not recommended.


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